Writing CV

Here is a list of my published fiction, guest blog articles and academic articles.


Brother (short story, as Rue Karney), Mondi Incanti (Italian translation)
Butterfly Pie (short story, as Rue Karney), SQ Mag
Five Thousand Squares (short story), Defying Doomsday anthology 
Fleur (short story), The Text Journal
The River Slurry
(short story, as Rue Karney), In Sunshine Bright and Darkness Deep anthology
Cockroach Mamma (short story), Abstract Jam
Ninehearts (short story)The Big Issue Fiction Edition
A Place for Everyone
(short story, as Rue Karney), Hauntings Anthology
(short story), Social Alternatives Journal 
Recumbent Woman
(short story), The Human Journal of Literature and Culture 
Superhero's Day Off (short story), twohundredby200 magazine issue 7

The Meat House (short story), Impossible Spaces anthology
Medicine I (flash fiction), Pure Slush
Medicine II (flash fiction), Pure Slush
Wednesdays (flash fiction), Pure Slush
A Hundred and One Uses (flash fiction), Notausgang Emergency Exit anthology
Holiday Boy (flash fiction), Metazen
Dirt Circus League excerpt (reading from work-in-progress), Varuna
Swimming to Cuba (short story): Radio National Sunday Story, Meanjin Volume 62, No.1, 2003

Guest blog posts

Neuroscience in Young Adult Novels, DeeScribe Writing blog
How Neuroscience Helps Create Characters, Jordyn Redwood's Medical Edge blog

Academic articles

Posthuman by Accident, Posthuman by Design: Power and Belonging in Posthuman Young Adult Fiction, New Review of Children's Literature and Librarianship
Neuroscience and young adult fiction: a recipe for trouble?, M/C Journal

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